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Project SIreNERGY
SIreNERGY Project Brochure

Empowering Women in Agrifood - EWA - Bulgaria 2021, EIT Food

Hybrid Information Event "Women in Agri-food - Investment in the Future", 8 October 2021

Presentation of  EIT Food - Aleksandra Niżyńska, RIS Project Manager, EIT Food CLC North-East
Presentation of  EWA Bulgaria 2021, Ralitsa Zhekova, RAPIV
Business environment for the development of  entrepreneurship in agriculture - Department "Agricultural economics", University of Economics - Varna
European funds for agroinnovations - examples - Viktoria Nikolova, manager of OIC Varna
Presentation of the opportunities for participation in initiatives and programmes of Innovation Starter  - Leona Aslanova, Manager of  Innovation Starter Box
Information event  EWA Bulgaria 04 November 2021
EIT Food Hub Bulgaria - Mariana Hamanova, Изпълнителен директор на Cleantech Bulgaria Ltd

Kick-off Dissemination Event 'Business Women in the Danube Region' 17th July 2018

Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovations - Varna (RAPIV), Yani Yanev, Chairman of the Management board of RAPIV
PA 8 „Fostering the competitiveness of enterprises“ of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region , Dr. Judit Schrick-Szenczi, Coordinator EUSDR PA 8, Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg
Bulgarian Policies for Young Women Entrepreneurship Support, Tihomira Palova, State Expert, Directorate ‘Economic Promotion Policies’ , Ministry of Economy
Fostering the Young Women Entrepreneurship in the Danube Region, Dr. Ralitsa Zhekova, Executive Director, RAPIV
Introducing of Project Partner 1 Innovation Region Styria LTD, Claudia Krobath
Introducing of Project Partner 2 Varna Free University, Bulgaria, eng. Veselina Spasova, PhD
Introducing of Project Partner 4 bwcon GmbH, Germany, Valentina Grillea
Introducing of Project Partner 5 Maribor Development Agency, Slovenia, Dr. Amna Potočnik
Introducing of Project Partner 6 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Štajerska, Slovenia, Dragica Marinič
Introducing of Project Partner 7 Pannon Business Network, Hungary, Renáta Csabai
Introducing of Project Partner 8 University of Pannonia, Hungary, Krisztina Keller PhD
Introducing of Project Partner 9 The Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Constanta, Romania, Iulian Groposila
Introducing of Project Partner 10 OVIDIUS University of Constanta, Romania, Associate Professor PhD. Raluca-Andreea Trandafir
Introducing of Project Partner 11 School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Prof. Dr. Muris Čičić
Introducing of Project Partner 12 Organization for Small and Medium Enterprise Sector Development, Moldova, Silvia Cangea-Digolean
Entrepreneurship support: Varna Economic Development Agency, Todorka Dimitrova, Director, VEDA
SEEWBAN – South Eastern Europe Women Business Angels Network, Daniela Dancheva, Bulgarian Association of Women Entrepreneurs
Challenges faced by Business Women in Varna, Dr. Yordanka Nencheva, Association “To Preserve the Woman”

Acceleration programme Start 2 Up
"The Role of the Business Incubator - Varna" -17.03.2018- Vesela Sofronieva (in Bulgarian).pdf
"Start 2 UP Acceleration programme" - 17.03.2018- Mariya Zlateva (in Bulgarian).pdf
"Challenges Starting Up" - 17.03.2018- Christopher Nagy.pdf
"The Successful Start-up" - 17.03.2018- Valeri Penchev PhD.pdf
"Jobs of the Future" - 17.03.2018- Assoc. Prof. Eleonora Tankova PhD (in Bulgarian).pdf
"Opportunities for Financing" - 17.03.2018- Dilyan Popov.pdf

Project ClimAD "Adapting to Climate Change - Opportunities for Sustainable Development" 
Round Table with Young People - 30.10.2014 - Eng. L. Kaloyanova (in Bulgarian).pdf

Project "Expansion of Business Incubator - Varna to RAPIV"
Brochure-Expansion of Business Incubator (in Bulgarian).pdf
Open Doors Days at Business Incubator Varna - 13.03.2013 (in Bulgarian).pdf
Open Doors Days at Business Incubator Varna - press conference - 13.03.2013 (in Bulgarian).pdf
"Good Practices of Business Incubator" - Varna to RAPIV - 09.05.2014 - Irina Kircheva (in Bulgarian).pdf

Project INNOMOT "Improving Regional Policies Promoting and Motivating Non-Technological Innovation in SMEs "
"Methodology for Good Practices in Non-Tehnological Innovations" - 20.06.2012 - M.Tsetkova (in Bulgarian).pdf
"Non-Technological Innovation - EU Policies" - 20.06.2012 - I. Nestorova (in Bulgarian).pdf
"Good Practices in the Field of Non-Technological Innovation" - 09.05.2014 - I. Nestorova (in Bulgarian).pdf 

Project BlasNET "Black Sea Network For Regional Development"
"A Vision for the BS Region. New Perspectives & Challenges for BS" - 11.01.2012 - Anna Andricopoulou.pdf
"Development Strategies: Keeping an Eye on the BS" - 11.01.2012 - Dr. Georgios K. Vangelas.pdf 
"ICT Sector in Thessaloniki Area" - 11.01.2012.pdf 
"ICT Tools for Sustainable Tourism Destination Management - the Case of Digital Corfu" - 11.01.2012 - Paraskevi Tarani.pdf 
Project "BlasNET - Black Sea Network For Regional Development" - 11.01.2012 - Dr. Dimitar Radev.pdf 
"Regional Development in Europe: Challenges and Priorities" - 11.01.2012 - Nicos Komninos.pdf 
"The Greek International Business Association in the Black Sea Basin Trade" - 11.01.2012 - George G. Georgiadis.pdf 
"Odisseus-Consortium Controlled by the IA of Liguria to Promote the Members International Activities and Partnership" - 11.01.2012.pdf
Black Sea Regional Development Network - BLASNET Brochure.pdf 
BlasNET Press release 31.01.2012 (in Bulgarian).pdf
Project INOLINK "Connecting the Territory Through an Innovation Network"
"Best Practices for Connection in a Regional Innovation Network" - 27.10.2011 -  I. Kircheva (in Bulgarian).pdf
"Research the Need for Innovation - Presenting the Results" - 27.10.11 - Dr.Dimitar Radev (in Bulgarian).pdf
"European Opportunities for Improvement of Regional Innovation Policies" -11.04.2012 - Todor Yalamov.pdf
"Good Practices and Mentoring Activities CUEL" - 11.04.2012 - Soizic Tsin.pdf
"Innovation Support Activities - 10 years RAPIV "- 11.04.2012 - Dr. Dimitar Radev.pdf
INOLINK PROJECT - Connecting the territory through the Innovation Network.pdf
"Mentoring Plan SMART SPECIALISATION" - 11.04.2012 - mag. Amna Potočnik, mag. Božidar Pučnik .pdf
"Politics of Bulgaria to Support Innovation" - 11.04.2012 - Jana Velichkova.pdf
"Regional Innovation Systems and Good Practices" - 11.04.2012 - M. Mallmann.pdf 
"Regional Policy of Bulgaria and European Opportunities for Parthership"- Arch. Belin Mollov (in Bulgarian).pdf 
"European Opportunities for Improving Regional Innovation Policy" -  P. Radushev, Municipality of Varna  - 11.04.2012 (in Bulgarian).pdf 

Project "Encouraging the Development of Entrepreneurship among Young Specialists"
"Raising SME Competitiveness Through Quality Management" - 30.03.2010 - Hilary Oakley.pdf 
European Opportunities for SMEs Workshop Programme 30.03.2010 (in Bulgarian).pdf
"European Opportunities for SME" - 30.03.2010 - Dr. Dimitar Radev (in Bulgarian).pdf
"National and European Funding Programmes for High-Tech Companies"-30.03.2010 - Ivelina Nestorova (in Bulgarian).pdf 

Project REGIOCLIMA "Regional Cooperation for Adaptation to Climate Change"
Brochure REGIOCLIMA (in Bulgarian).pdf
Regioclima - Bulgarian Good Practices.pdf
"Results from the Selection of the Best Practices by Regioclima Project" - Eng. Liliya Kaloyanova (in Bulgarian).pdf 
"Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change"-05.10.2011-D.Radev (in Bulgarian).pdf
"Some Aspects of the Open Days 2010, Brussels - Europe2020 "-11.11.2010-Dr. Dimitar Radev (in Bulgarian).pdf 
"Flood Risk Assessment in the Coastal Zone"-11.11.2010-Valeri Penchev PhD (in Bulgarian).pdf 
"The Role of Water Management at ACC"-11.11.2010-Eng. Ventsislav Nikolov (in Bulgarian).pdf 
"Modern Innovative Methods to Prevent Surface Erosion" - 11.11.2010 - Svezhen Chakurov, Marieta Chakurova (in Bulgarian).pdf 

Other Publications 
Brochure RAPIV 10 years.pdf

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