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Business Incubator - Varna was established in 2005 as a result of the implementation of Contract № 328 with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW) for "Establishment of a High-Tech Business Incubator in Varna", after winning a tender for public procurement. As a result of the execution of the contract, 1700 m2 of the building have been reconstructed, which include: common parts for use by the administration of the Incubator and the incubated companies, offices for the administration of the Incubator and offices for incubated companies, located mainly on the second floor of the building.
In 2015, an upgrading of the favorable infrastructural, technological and information environment to support new and/or existing high technology SMEs was carried out by renovating the third floor of the building (totaling 450 m2) in implementation of Project BG161PO003-2.2.01 -0019 "Expansion of the Business Incubator - Varna to RAPIV", implemented under DBF No. BI-02-3 / 02.02.2012. 14 new offices are provided, which are housing incubated companies from Varna and the region.
The applications for incubation, including the business plan, are assessed based on a set of criteria:
• viability of the business with a potential for success in terms of growth in net revenues, number of new jobs created, increase in the capacity of the management team and long-term sustainability of the company;
• relationship between the business and the sector in which it develops, the stage of development and the relationship with existing customers or partners of the Business incubator;
• prospects for strengthening growth and development by providing access to national and European networks, clusters and partnerships.
Based on extensive research conducted by RAPIV when elaborating the Regional Innovation Strategy of the North-East Region (NER) the following priority sectors were identified:
• Energy, energy efficiency and environment.
• Information and communication technologies.
• Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics.
• Marine industry.
• Manufacturing industry.
• Construction and transport - establishment of transport infrastructure.
• Tourism.
• Services - financial, logistic, etc.
• Chemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

The Business Incubator - Varna is managed by the RAPIV’s team, which has long experience in the management and development of a favorable and pro-innovation environment, supporting business infrastructure and providing services to enterprises.

The successful combination of young and experienced experts and managers is a result of a well-developed business strategy. The team matches extensive market expertise with professional experience that provides customers with reliable and creative solutions to meet their needs.

A lot of the incubated companies have completed their stay in the incubator with high results. "3K" AD and "Svermar" Ltd. achieved more than 8 times increase in turnover and 5 times increase of the staff. Both companies were nominated by the Business Academy for Business discovery of 2009.


Women Entrepreneurship Centre (EWC)
 is launched in 2020 under project  WOMEN IN BUSINESS - Fostering the Young Women Entrepreneurship in the Danube Region, co-financing under Interreg Danube Transnational.  EWC is situated in the campus of the Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar".  Currently, everyday work in EWC is ensured by team members from VFU and RAPIV. Both organizations provide joint efforts for delivering of high quality support services to women entrepreneurs. 

EWC aims to facilitate new company formation by providing an entrepreneurial nurturing environment for female start-up and spin-out companies; alleviating their survival and growth, thus encouraging them to reach their full potential. EWC aspire to develop individual talent, skills and personality to give each  female business the best possible start, thus fostering entrepreneurship at a local and national level.

EWC in Varna is a member of European network of Women Entrepreneurship Centres  is a space that can provide both social and economic transformation.Importantly, the impacts are often more long-term, rather than demonstrating short term gains in the regions they target. The potential benefits of a EWC outside of just business-focused statements to the following based on the follow findings:
- the EWC builds collaborative communities that foster both social connectivity and economic change (at the individual and collective level)
- the EWC attracts diverse members with heterogeneous knowledge which can collaborate and exchange knowledge
- the EWC localizes global entrepreneurial culture, supporting the diversification of national/ regional economies
- the EWC facilitates creativity and collaboration in physical and digital space, giving individuals and businesses/entrepreneurs the chance to both learn and engage with digital technology for a range of skill levels.

The Centre provided to women entrepreneurs training and workshops on different topics, including:
1. How to apply business canvas model?
2. Business digitalization
3. Financing sources
4. Expenses and revenues – start of every business
5. Financial planning
6. How to start quickly and efficiently an online store without huge investment
7. Pitching - techniques for successful presenting of the business ideas

Within the activities of EWC in 2021 and 2022 RAPIV organized 5-months tarining and mentoring EWA Bulgaria Programme for support of women in agrifood sector, financed by EIT Food.
Within the programme a pre-selection of 10 business ideas of women/ year out of 55 was made, and they were invited to join 5-months programme. They were matched with 10 mentors who supported the women in development of the business ideas. Within the programme are organized 1 matchmaking event, 8 webinars, 3 group sessions, 1 Masterclass event, with aim to go through 6 most important elements of business idea development: motivation to run own business, customer value proposition, business model, key partners, distribution channels and sales, communication and branding.
Pitching event is organized where all 20 business ideas are presented to jury, investors, and large public. 1st and 2nd Prize winners are selected and received € 15 000.

The European Network fo EWCs is opened for new members. 
 The Label of Women Entrepreneurship Centre provides an overall insight and a detailed overview on specifics of Women Entrepreneurship Centres, criteria and procedure to be followed for acquiring a label, maintenance and renewed of the label, financial conditions, and visual identity to be followed.
Candidate centres can count on some specific support measures. For example, they have the opportunity to participate in the events organized by EWCs network, their staff can participate in EWCs training activities, they have access to e-learning platform, the educational materials for women entreprenuership for internal use and dissemination, and they have access to copyright for translations of such materials that are provided.

The acquisition of the EWC Quality Label provides centres with transational recognition and legitimation for their work. This can help centres to access recognition at home and abroad, and may help them to access support and resources to fulfil their mission.

If you are interested in becoming part of our EWC network, you could check what criteria and procedures to follow in the developed manual "Quality Label of Women Entrepreneurship Centre" and/or to contact the team of RAPIV.


The Accelerator Start2UP is launched in 2018 in response to identified needs of expert support  to the companies on different level of their development. The Accelerator is under the activities of the Business Incubator - Varna  within the RAPIV. 

Start2UP is organized as a competetion for stimulating the business ideas in different phase of their development and supporting them through providing an expert support. 

Within Start 2 UP the approved candidates could receive support in development of business plan, business and financial consultations, mentoring and training, access to foreign markets, etc. 

Who can apply?

  1. Everyone who would like to start own business
  2. Start-ups
  3. SMEs which would like to start development of new product, servicies or activities.

Eligible activities for support:

  1. development of business plan/ business canava
  2. shaping of the business idea
  3. business consultations;
  4. IPR
  5. financial and accounting consultations;
  6. marketing advisory services;
  7. training in different topics;
  8. providing information;
  9. organization of meetings and workshops;
  10. support in financing sources;
  11. information and support for attending different events – fairs, exhebitions, conferences and other;
  12. support for business contacts 
More information and current deadlines for applying, please follow the NEWS section. 

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