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The creation of a High-Technology Park is a natural, logical and mandatory extension of the High-tech Business Incubator to RAPIV. If the purpose of the Incubator is to support the formation and launch of new innovative targeting companies that seek to realize an emerging idea, development or project in a market product, the High-Technology Park will contribute to their growth, development and technological competence as they leave the Incubator.

The Black Sea High-tech Park - Varna (BSHTPV) is an area where small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can find the right intellectual environment and support in starting and developing their business, access to markets, technologies and specialized services to support their sustainable and competitive development, a zone enabling global innovative companies to invest.

BSHTPV will be a dedicated area with build-up infrastructure (buildings, offices, laboratories, study rooms, recreation areas, landscaping, etc.), which brings together the efforts of research institutes, high-technology enterprises, investors, businesses and intermediary enterprises located in municipality of Varna and North-East Region.

BSHTPV is being built on the basis of an active public-private partnership and provides participation of representatives of all stakeholders from Varna and the region engaged in to the innovation process - universities, local authorities, national academic bodies, laboratories and research institutes, business companies, NGOs working in the field of research and development, etc.

Priority Areas of BSHTPV:
• Black Sea resource utilization and protection of coastal zone.
• Environmental protection and climate change.
• Development of renewably energy sources and energy efficiency.
• Improving the life quality through development of health and secure.
Information and communication technologies are involved as a key component in the implementation of each priority area.

Activity/Services of BSHTPV:
The activity is developed in three main sectors:
• Sector 1: Researches/ Innovations/ Technologies
• Sector 2: High-Technology environmental
• Sector 3: Conference Center

The establishment of Black Sea High-Technology Park - Varna will have favorable impact under the economic development and competitiveness of SMEs located in the European market region and in particular on development of high-tech product and services. High-Technology park in Varna will contribute to the marketing of innovative products, will create conditions both for attracting investments by large international companies and for launching and development of local innovative enterprises.

It is expected that the establishment of BSHTPV will lead to strengthening relations and creating new partnerships between academic, researches and industrial society in the field of key markets, the public and private sector and the local administration for development of innovative enterprises in the picked out priority areas.

The project implementation will positively influence the traditionally well developed marine industry sector in Varna municipality as innovative solutions in production will be introduced and as a result the added value of the products will increase. There are will have needs of specialized equipment and measuring apparatus for the development of technologies for utilization of the resources of Black Sea and the coastal zone which opens up new opportunities for progress of Engineering and Information Technologies. The new technologies will contribute to the use of the Black Sea resources in the food and agriculture sectors. Better knowledge and exploration of the coastal zone is expected to provide greater security by reducing the risk of landslides.

The construction of the Black Sea High-tech Park - Varna will have a favorable impact on the environment and will reduce the human activity impact on the environment through the introduction and stimulation for new ecological manufactures/products, will be created conditions for faster increasing the share of the so-called ‘clean energy’ produced by renewable energy sources and accordingly a reduction of carbon emissions. Diversification and reduction of the region's dependence on the supply of energy resources will be additional positive effect.

The health sector will also be positively affected by mitigation and adaptation to climate change and preventing the effects of these changes on human health (through early warning systems for natural disasters, better insulation of buildings, monitoring of harmful substances in the atmosphere, etc.).

The newly developed Black Sea High-tech Park - Varna will create conditions for young and talented Bulgarians to remain and work in Bulgaria, each of which will be a prerequisite for providing new work places.

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