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Webinar: How to present our business idea to investors


How to present our business idea to investors
Agri-Food Business Idea Evaluation and Pitching techniques
08.06.2023, 14.00, online

Hristomir Hristov

What is the secret to successful pitching? What do investors in the agri-food sector expect and what is important to emphasize in your presentation? How to prepare yourself in a few basic steps?

Find the answer to these and many other questions during the webinar "How to present our business idea to investors" with Hristomir Hristov, which will bring you even closer to the successful realization of your business idea.

Fill out the registration form and become part of the community of professionals and young entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector!

During the webinar, you will gain important communication and presentation skills that will help you be prepared and confident when meeting with investors. You will receive valuable advice on current trends and the specifics of investing in the agri-food sector.

You will have the opportunity to share your experiences and receive feedback from experts and professionals in the fields of business development, agriculture and food production.

Participation is free, but registration is required!

Use the form below and reserve your spot!

Why participate: 

  • To be more attractive and successful in presenting to investors.
  • To discuss with experts and professionals in the field investment opportunities and strategies and capital raising strategies.
  • Find collaborators to take your idea or business to the next level.
  • To discover international support programs you can participate in in the future and become part of the EIT Food community.

The event is for you if:

  • You are a producer or professional in an area related to the agri-food sector.
  • You want to get the skills to present your business in the language of investors. 
  • You want to get professional advice from experts and exchange experiences with other entrepreneurs.
  • You want to grow your business in a sustainable and productive way.


14:00 – 14:10 | Opening

14:10 – 15:30 | How to pitch your business to investors - agri-food business idea evaluation and pitching techniques

15:30 – 15:45 | Break

15:45 – 16:45 | Presentation of participants ideas and feedback

16:45 – 17:00 | Conclusions and closing of the webinar

To register, please fill out the request at the following linkhttps://forms.gle/Zy7zaKsgYWZhTsGn9

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