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WE.Circular: Transnational events in Moldova

 In the framework of the WE.Circular project, on 12-13 June 2024, the Organization for Development of Entrepreneurship (ODA) hosted the second Transnational Training Event and the First Transnational Stakeholder Group Meeting in Chisinau, Moldova. This dynamic event brought together over 45 participants from partner organizations and stakeholders eager to explore initiatives to support the digital and circular transition of women entrepreneurs.

The first day was full of informative sessions on projects and initiatives aimed at promoting digital and circular entrepreneurship.


Добри практики, представени от ODA:

SME GREENING Programme: From 2020 to 2024, over 743 people have been trained and have received funding of over 900,000 euros to support the green transition of Moldovan enterprises.
Women in Business Support Programme: Running since 2016, this initiative provides financial and non-financial support to over 760 female entrepreneurs in Moldova.
Women Entrepreneurship in Circular Economy: This programme, part of the SME GREENING Programme, focuses on training, workshops and technical assistance to help entrepreneurs adopt green practices. Key areas include energy efficiency, waste management, sustainable procurement, and green marketing.

Good practices, presented by IREAS:

Academy for Women Entrepreneurs: The first Czech good practice presented by IREAS - Institute for Structural Policy, o.p.s. This is an initiative of CzechInvest (Business and Investment Development Agency). An important element of the Academy's success, besides the attractive topics, is the quality of the content presented by expert speakers. In 2024, the Academy focuses on topics that reflect the dynamics of modern entrepreneurship, including how artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT are influencing business strategies.
Up2Circ: An international project funded by the Horizon Europe program of the European Commission - Horizon 2.4 - Digital, Industry and Space. The project aims to accelerate and expand the transition of European SMEs to a circular economy. Although not specifically aimed at women entrepreneurs, IREAS considers that the methodological approach to support companies for circular transition can be used as a good example.
Women in Tech (Czech Republic): A remarkable initiative aimed at empowering women in the technology sector. This is an initiative of Huawei (Huawei Technology Society). The national partner is VUPI (Research Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, z.ú.), which works for the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic. The program successfully provides women with the tools and confidence they need to navigate and excel in the tech industry.

On the second day, members of the Transnational Stakeholder Group met for the first time. Project partners were excited to learn more about the Advisory Board members nominated by each national stakeholder group and associated strategic partners.


Following the presentation, the initial results of the 12 National Analyzes of the Skills Gaps and Needs of Women Entrepreneurs were presented. The main training and support needs for each country were outlined, as well as the motivational factors for digital and circular transition, as well as recommendations for improvement.


The meeting continued with work in four groups, with participants working both on-site and online. The results of these group sessions will serve as a basis for the further development of the WE.Circular training program, WE.Circular Labs and the Transnational Circular Transition Strategy of Women Entrepreneurs

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