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EWA Bulgaria 2024: Matchmaking Event in Varna

 Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovations - Varna (RAPIV) for the third year is partnering with  the European Institute for Innovations and Technologies in Food - EIT Food for the implementation of the  EWA: Empowering Women in Agrifood programme on the territory of Bulgaria.

The goal of the EWA Bulgaria 2024 program is to motivate early-stage women-led startups and women with business ideas in the field of agricultural products to enhance their potential, understand their opportunities, and gain the necessary knowledge, confidence, and access to networks to successfully start and/or develop a sustainable business. Ten women entrepreneurs will actively participate in a 6-month mentoring program addressing the specific challenges faced by women in the agrifood sector.

RAPIV  organised a Matchmaking event for the ten selected women entrepreneurs participating from Bulgaria and the 14 approved mentors. The event took place on 21st and 22nd June, 2024, at the Art Salon, Radio Varna.

The event was opened with a video address by our special guest, Alicia Krakowska, Project Manager at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, who presented the available opportunities for startups in the food industry under the RIS innovation scheme. A welcome address was also given by Dr. Ralitsa Zhekova, Executive Director of RAPIV.


During the event, the participants in the EWA Bulgaria 2024 program presented their business ideas and development potential. The mentors also shared their experience in the agri-food business sector and their capacity to support the successful achievement of the program's goals.


Alexander Tomov, Lawyer, introduced the participants in the event to the main legal points that should be taken into account when protecting intellectual property. 

In this year's edition of the EWA program, the ladies will be competing with the following business projects:

Valentina Milkova - Producing wine from blackcurrants using a technology that preserves the vitamins and minerals of the blackcurrants in the final product. They cultivate their own blackcurrant plantations following the methods and principles of organic farming.

Darina Sotirova – Production and sale of natural, biodegradable chewing gums with functional health benefits, made from plant-based ingredients. The product and packaging do not pollute the environment and leave no footprint.

Iva Kalinova - Production of functional bio drinks made from activated raw nuts and seeds, with high nutritional value, density, and digestibility, currently unmatched in the Bulgarian market.

Ivelina Tsvyatkova - Currently the only certified producer of gluten-free products in Bulgaria, without stabilizers and emulsifiers. Developing new and diverse products for the market, such as baked goods and pastries, which requires new equipment and knowledge. Uses eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging.

Yoana Doneva – Establishment of a hydroponic vertical farming enterprise in Varna, utilizing a 600 sq.m area. Cultivation of vegetables and herbs with high nutritional value, using liquid bio-fertilizer from a Bokashi composter or another type that allows for liquid drainage.

Katia Antonova - Production of pastries from eco-friendly products - fruits and vegetables. Development of educational games for children to build healthy eating habits. Creation of a Children's Sweet Maker (sweet shop), where children will make their own healthy sweets from ecologically clean products.

Mariana Chavdarova – Development of a new technology for producing high-quality protein based on phytoplankton as source of maximum protein content.

Petya Mihaylova – Creating an online platform where food producers and consumers can connect directly to buy and sell food products.

Svetlana Solodyankina – Establishment of a company for the design, construction, and maintenance of syntropic gardens (food, vertical, and other green areas) for public organizations, private and corporate clients, in urban and suburban areas.

Teodora Petkova – An online platform offering farm baskets with healthy and sustainably produced products for corporate gifts and company employees, as well as branded boxes with farm products for corporate gifts.


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