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Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Varna (RAPIV) developed „Municipal strategy for social inclusion of ethnic minorities 2014-2020” of Aksakovo municipality under the project „Partnership for Equal Opportunities" - Operational Programme „Human Resources Development”.
Business Incubator Varna (BI - Varna) accepts applications for admissions of companies and physical persons with business ideas and developed projects for start-up companies. BI - Varna provides office space and equipment, consultancy services at preferential prices. Application forms are found on the project website:
Final conference  "Black Sea Network for Regional Development", was held on 04 September in Varna under project  BlasNET Joint Operational Programme for the Black Sea Basin 2007-2013 of EC, with Lead Partner RAPIV. During the event, Agreement was signed by all partners for the sustainable development of the Black Sea Network for Regional Development.
Interregional workshop and study visit is organised by RAPIV on 21 and 22 November 2013, under project INNOMOT, INTERREG IVC of EC. Good practices in the field of non-technological innovations  from the North East Region of Bulgaria were presented to the delegation from region West Sweden, Lead partner of the project.  Visit is organised to the high-tech IT company Shopmetrics Ltd. and in UE-Varna.
On 14 and 15 Nov. 2013 delegation from Varna including Mr. Mertkan Ibryamov, Deputy District Governor of Varna District, Mr. Yani Yanev, Chairman of the RAPIV's Management Board, Dr.  Dimitar Radev - Executive Director, Mrs. Maria Zlateva, financial manager and Mrs. Ivelina Nestorova, expert participated in Study visit in region Meath, Ireland  within project INNOMOT. Participants studied the good practices of  Meath in the field of non-technological innovations.
Final conference "Black Sea Network for Regional Development" was held on 04th September 2013 in the  "Black sea" hotel, hall "Varna", within project BlasNET of EC, under the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2007-2013, with lead partner Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovations - Varna. Presentations from the event are published here.
Regional workshop  was held on  29 May 2013 at RAPIV under project INNOMOT "Improvement of Innovation Policies for Promotion and Motivation of Non-Technological Innovations in SMEs”, INTERREG IV C of the EC. Participants discussed the opportunities for transfer of non-technological innovations in support of business, culture and social activities.
On 28-29.03.2013 in the city of Sevastopol, RUkraine, the 2nd international workshop "Cluster Approach and Networking in Support of SMEs of the Black Sea Region" was held under project "Black Sea Network for Regional Development" BlasNET, OP for the Black Sea Basin 2007 - 2013. 22 organisations from partners' regions, selected to be members of the network, were presented at the workshop.
A workshop on the achievements of INTERREG IVC projects in Bulgaria and perspectives on the future interregional cooperation in 2014-2020 was held on 28th March 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Ms. Irina Kircheva, project specialist at RAPIV introduced the main objectives and achievements of INNOMOT project and the possibility of good practices transfer.
Within the implementation of project "Enlargement of Business Incubator Varna at RAPIV" were held Open days at Business Incubator Varna:13th March, 16.00h in District Information Centre - Varna and on 14th March 2013 from 14.00h at the premises of RAPIV.  Programme of the event
On 28-29.11.2012 in Chisinau, Moldova was held International seminar "Good practices in Support of SMEs in the Black Sea Region". Representatives of the business, trade associations, NGOs, academics, politicians and experts participated in the seminar. The seminar is carried out under project "Black Sea Network for Regional Development" BlasNET, OP for the Black Sea Basin 2007 - 2013.
On 25th October 2012 in Malaga, Spain was held the Final conference on project INOLINK "Connecting the Territory through the Innovation Network" INTERREG IVC of the EC. Memorandum of Understanding is signed between RAPIV (Dr. Radev) and CUE Ltd. (Mr. Mills) for the transfer of the good practices of Coventry University Technology Park to the North East Region of Bulgaria.
In the framework of project InnoMot, programme INTERREG IVC of the EC, the Second meeting of the Coordination and Steering Committee is held on 19 and 20 september 2012 in Varna. The meeting is organised by RAPIV with the participation of all  9 project partners. The aim of the project is to transfer good practices for non-technological innovations in different european regions.
Delegation from Coventry, UK, including Ms. Soizic Tsin, project manager, CUE Ltd., Dr. Brian More, Director Business Development, Coventry University and Mr. David Wick, lecturer at the Institute for Applied Entrepreneurship (IAE), realised an experts' visit in Varna on 13 and 14.09.2012. Measures for transfer of the best practices of CUE Ltd. in the creation of the Technology park in Coventry and IAE were discussed with the management  of RAPIV and VFU "Chernorisetz Hrabar".
On 11th September 2012  from 10.00h. at the premises of Radio Varna, a pressconference is held by RAPIV with regard to the international meeting on 29th - 30th August 2012 in Constanca, Romania on project Black Sea Network for Regional Development  BlasNET. The text of the pressrelease is found in section  "Publications"
A regional workshop was held on 20th June 2012 in the framework of project Innomot "Improvement of Innovation policies for promotion and motivation of non-technological innovations in SMEs", under INTERREG IVC Programme of the EC. The European policies in the field of non-technology innovations and the methodology for good practicies  were presented to the participants (representatives of the business, universities, local administration and NGOs). Fruitful discussion was held about non-technological innovations and the methods for their transfer in North-East  region.
Association "Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovations - Varna" (RAPIV) celebrated 10 years since its establishment. Especially for the occasion, RAPIV 10 years brochure was issued  and  certificates of honour were granted. Electronic version of the 10 years brochure of RAPIV can be found in section Publications.
International conference "European Opportunities for Improvement of Regional Policies" was held in Varna, on 11 April 2012 as part of the implementation of project INOLINK "Connecting the Territory through the Innovation Network", INTERREG IVC Programme of the EC. Presentations from the event can be found in section Publications. 
In the framework of project INOLINK, INTERREG IVC, delegation from Varna, including: Mr. Dancho Simeonov; District Governor, Mr. Kosta Bazitov, Deputy Mayor; Prof. Anna Nedyalkova, rector, "Varna Free University", Prof. Aneliya Klisarova, rector "MU - Varna", Mr. Yani Yanev, Chairman of RAPIV's Management Board, Dr. Dimitar Radev, Executive Director, Ms. Irina Kircheva, Project Expert, participated in study visit in the Technology Park in Coventry, UK on 7 and 8 March 2012 with the aim to exchange experience and transfer good practices in innovation support.
From the beginning of 2012, RAPIV started the implementation of project INNOMOT "Improvement of Innovation policies for promotion and motivation of non-technological innovations in SMEs", under INTERREG IVC Programme of the EC. The consortium includes partners from: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland and Sweden    (Lead partner is Region of West Sweden).
International conference within project "Black Sea Network for Regional Development" BlasNET was held in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 11.01.2012. Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovations - Varna is coordinator of the project which is implemented in the framework of JOP for the Black Sea Basin 2007 - 2013. Presentations from the event can be found in section Publications.

Project No 0192R1 REGIOCLIMA "Regional Cooperation towards Adaptation to Climate Change" under INTERREG IVC Programme of the European Commission is part of the measures for environment and it aims to assist societies in adapting to the new climate conditions  both by minimising the risk of damage and exploiting the new opportunities, arising from changing climate. The project ended on 31 December 2011. Main results of the project are: Guide on Good Practices and Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation. More information on the project results is available at

RAPIV offers to new and experienced entrepreneurs excellent opportunities to exchange experience with European partners by taking part in the Programme "Erasmus for young entrepreneurs" of the European Commission (EC). For more information click here
On 22nd December 2011 was signed the 3rd Contract under project "Columbus 3", Programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs of the EC with Ms. Nadya Ilieva. She will work in Brussels, where she will have the chance to gain experience in the sphere of providing consultancy services for development and management of EU projects.
Under REGIOCLIMA project, INTERREG IVC, delegation from Varna: Mr. Dancho Simeonov, District Governor of Varna District, Dr. Dimitar Rusev, expert TU - Varna, Dr. Dimitar Radev, Executive Director RAPIV, eng. Liliya Kaloyanova, business consultant RAPIV, visited geothermal plant in Galanta, Slovakia with the aim to transfer  the experience in the utilization of geothermal energy.
Dissemination event ,,Connecting the Territory through the Innovation Network"   was held in Varna, on 27th October 2011. The results of survey on innovation needs and good practices identified within INOLINK project, INTERREG IVC of the  EC were presented at the event. Presentations can be found in section Publications.
Kick-off meeting for BlasNET project, under the ,,Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2007-2013" was held on 14th October 2011 in Varna. Project BlasNET - "Black Sea Network for Regional Development" with coordinator RAPIV and partners from Greece, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine, started its implementation on 17th September 2011.
On 05th October 2011 in Varna is held Final Conference ,,Regional Cooperation for Adaptation to Climate Change. the Conference is organised by RAPIV as part of the implementation of REGIOCLIMA project, INTERREG IVC Programme of the Eurpean Commission.
On 27.09.2011 is signed the second contract under project "COLUMBUS 3", Programme Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs of EC, with Mr. Hristo Tashev. He will exchange experience with an experienced entrepreneur from Alzira, Spain, in the field of design and installation of photovoltaic systems.

On 05th August 2011 is signed the first contract on project COLUMBUS 3, Programme Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs of EC with Mr. Jivko Daskalov. He will have the opportunity to gain experience in the field of enology and viticulture during his two months stay at experienced wine producer in Liguria, Italy.

From 06th to 08th June 2011 in Woroklini, Cyprus was held Final conference under project REGIOCLIMA, INTERREG IVC of EC. Partcipants from Bulgaria are: Mr. Kalin Iliev - Director Directorate ,,Coordination on EU issues and International Cooperation" of MOEW, Mrs. Boryana Kamenova, Head of Department in Directorate "Policies on Climate change" of MOEW and representatives of RAPIV.
On 27.05.2011 was held General Assembly of RAPIV with the following Agenda: 1. Report of the Management Board for 2010; 2. Approval of the Budget for 2011; 3. Proposal for change of the number of members of the Management Board; 4. Proposal for admition of new member of the Management Board; 5. Other issues. The General Assembly chose Regional Administration Varna for member of the Management Board.
For the first time bulgarian scientist receives the Global Award UN Habitat for contribution to the environmental protection. Prof. Maria Zlateva is author of the awarded project for composting of biodegradable waste.
During the Regional Open Days, held in November 2010 in Varna, the participants had the opportunity to select the practice that is most suitable to be transfered in the region. The practice from the region of Galanta, Slovakia for utilisation of geothermal energy for heating is selected out of 21 good practices from 8 european regions. The study of the good practices is carried out in the frameworks of REGIOCLIMA project, INTERREG IVC of EC.
Within INOLINK project, regional study was held among the interested parties (local authorities, universities, research and intermediary organisations). The main objective of the study was to collect information regarding the needs from innovations.
From 20 to 22 September 2010 in Venice was held seminar and workshop on project REGIOCLIMA., INTERREG IVC of ЕК. Eng. Liliya Kaloyanova, expert at RAPIV, presented ,,Development of Strategies for Adaptation to Climate Change".
Representatives of RAPIV participated in the Third Thematic Seminar and Workshop ,,Preparatory Actions to Reduce Uncertainty  and expand the knowledge base in adaptation to a changing climate" under project № 0192R1 REGIOCLIMA, INTERREG IV C. The seminar was held from 10th to 12th may 2010 in Talin, Estonia.
On 4 May 2010 was held the official graduation of the Internship of students from Varna Free university "Chernorizets Hrabar". The Internship was carried out from 22nd March till 30 April 2010 in "Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovations - Varna".
On 22 April 2010 the Expert Council at High Technology Business Incubator at RAPIV accepted new company "H Centric Systems", with project "Creation of enhanced platform for Internet Programming".
On 15th April in Genova, Italy was held Coordination meeting on project  ,,Creation of a Support Network for the Small and Medium Enterprises of Bulgaria, Liguria and Romania in the High tech Sector". Opportunities were discussed for efficient cooperation between italian and bulgarian companies. Each company, willing to cooperate with italian partner can register on
On 30 March 2010 in Varna was held International seminar "EUROPEAN OPPORTUNITIES FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES". 
On 30 March 2010 in Varna was signed cooperation agreement between ,,Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovaions - Varna" and Exemplas, Great Britain.
On 25th March 2010 in Malaga, Spain  was held Kick-off Meeting on project INOLINK - Connecting the Territory through the Innovation Network, Programme INTERREG IVC of the European Commission.

On 16 December 2009 the Expert Council of High-Technology Business Incubator at RAPIV  accepted new company "KV Eco" Ltd, with the project ,,Innovative modular block for artificial reefs”.

Joint thematic seminar and working meeting were held from  30.11.2009 till 02.12.2009 in Valencia, Spain on: “Building Regional Alliances and coordinating actions towards adaptation to climate change”.

On 27 November 2009 in Municipality of Varna Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovations - Varna presented its activities in support of innovations to Mr. Pawel Samecki, European Commissioner, responsible for Regional Policy.

Joint thematic seminar and workshop were held on 21-22 September 2009 in Heraclion, Greece on:"Identification of optimal resource allocation and efficient use when adapting to a climate change”. 



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